The Canal Society of Ohio, Inc. (CSO) seeks to solicit, receive and administer assets exclusively for charitable purposes that would most effectively assist, encourage, educate, and promote the preservation and awareness of Ohio’s canal system. 

Must provide services directly to the citizens of Ohio.
Must be certified federally tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) or equivalent organization, preferably 501(c)(3).
We prefer to see other sources of funding listed on your application rather than requesting 100% from the Canal Society of Ohio
The applying entity should provide 5% - 10% matching funds of the amount requested
Grants will not be considered for the following:

A program/project that has been or will have already been completed within two months of this grant submission deadline
A purchase that has already been made
Organizations that only serve one religious group
Political organizations or those whose primary purpose is to influence legislation, political view-points, or promotion of a particular candidate
General operating funds 

All projects must be in Ohio, have a strong relationship with Ohio canal history and be capital in nature (rather than operating expenses).
The project will be scored on how the following criteria are satisfied:

Will the CSO Grant support preserving an actual historic canal artifact (lock or other structure)
Will the CSO Grant directly advance education regarding canal history (markers)
Will there be public access/use of completed project
Will the CSO Grant be combined with additional public or private funds
Is there time sensitivity to the project (imminent danger of losing an historic structure)
Is there reasonable assurances that the project will be completed as promised
Is the project consistent with the geographical diversity within the CSO’s grant-making process
The CSO requires that suitable recognition be given to both the CSO and the 

  Pauline Miller Request Fund 

Applications will be accepted via email only.
Selection of grants will be completed within two months of the grant deadline.
Organizations that received grant money the previous year will be considered after those organizations that did not.
Upon approval for funding, appropriate notification will be issued along with acceptance information to be returned for issuance of the grant payment.
Applicants not approved for funding will be so notified and may reapply for the same project at any time.
If approved grant is one of several funding sources necessary to complete a project, payment may be delayed until assurance has been received that necessary funding has been secured.
Grants are subject to review and approval by The Canal Society of Ohio, Inc. Trustees.
Organizations are limited to one grant per 12-month period.
Organizations receiving grants must submit a final report to The Canal Society of Ohio, Inc. indicating disposition of the grant funds.  Grants awarded in the fall grant recipients must submit a final report by September of the following year.  Failure to submit invalidates future funding.

 APPLICATION PROCEDURE: (applications submitted without the required copies and supporting documents will not be considered)

basic budget statement for the proposed project or purchase
Requesting organization’s most recent financial statement
organization’s annual report or equivalent
List of Governing Board members

Submit 1 copy of the organization’s letter of determination from the Internal Revenue Service certifying 501(c)(3) status or equivalent. 

The Canal Society of Ohio Inc.

The Canal Society of Ohio, Inc. Grant Application
Grant Instructions