Membership in the CSO includes a subscription to the quarterly, "Towpaths" which contains articles relating to the canals and their history. This publication contains a wealth of material. Individual back-editions may be obtained from the Corresponding Secretary or reviewed in the CSO archives.

The quarterly Newsletter reports on activity and current items of interest to the CSO members. 

Tour Guidebooks are available for many of the semiannual tours of past years. These detailed and carefully researched field manuals focus on the subject of the particular tour. Many back issues are available at a modest cost from the Corresponding Secretary, as well as an index of the various tour sites.

The archive material of the CSO located at the University of Akron library has been carefully compiled by Carl Ehmann. This is an extensive resource for those interested in the Ohio Canals.


Cascade Locks Park is an integral part of the Ohio & Erie National Heritage Canalway and has sparked the revitalization of our downtown neighborhood.

a comprehensive list of publications relating to ohio canals.