Location: At the town square, take Main Street north, down the hill.

Canal Society of Ohio Inc.

Milan Canal construction began in 1833 to connect Milan to the Huron River and because of the fact that it was deeper than a standard 4 foot deep canal, it allowed passage to Lake Erie for much larger boats. The abundance of White Oak in the area gave Milan the ability to become a major builder of Schooners and over 60 were built for Lake Erie use.

This tiny three mile canal became a major factor in the commerce of Ohio. In its heyday the town of Milan  became the second most active wheat shipping port in the world because the canal was able to connect the town to the major eastern markets of the country. Erie County Metroparks has completed a "Towpath to Trail" following the line of the canal and the basin. The town is rich in historic architecture and has an outstanding museum. The birthplace of Thomas Edison may also be visited.

For more information visit: Milan Historical Museum and Erie County Metroparks

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