The General Harrison

Mule power

piqua and lockington - canal sites

* Piqua Historical Area N. Hardin Rd. off SR 66 3.5 miles northwest of Piqua

Loramie Creek Aquaduct

The General Harrison is a replica of a canal boat of the packet type, primarily used for passenger traffic. It lies on a rewatered segment of the old canal and a great ride on a genuine canal boat is available here. Costumed guides narrate the trip while a mule team tows you down the canal. The boat departs from the Visitors Center of the Piqua Historical Area Park*, located on the historic Johnston farm. The Ohio Historical Society administers the site. 

Three and one half miles north of Piqua are the spectacular Lockington locks. This staircase of locks is one of the most interesting artifacts of the Miami and Erie Canal. A series of five limestone locks carries the canal down to the old abutments of the aqueduct crossing over Loramie Creek. The Sidney Feeder (i.e. water supply) entered the main canal here. Its source is what is now Indian Lake. Clear-cut grooves may be seen in the lock stone from years of towrope abrasion. Unfortunately, the lock walls are developing a progressive convergent lean that will lead to their destruction.


The General Harrison at the dock