9:00-9:45 -- Coffee
10:00-11:30 -- Visit Clark County Heritage Center,                      117 S. Fountain Ave., Springfield
11:45-12:45 -- Lunch at Young's Golden Jersey Restaurant
1:00 - 4:00 -- CSO Trustees Meeting (all welcome) at                  Whitehall Farm

Trustees Spring Meeting 2018  REFLECTIONS

Whitehall Farm, Yellow Springs, Ohio
(northeast of the intersection of US-68 and Yellow Springs Fairfield Pike)

These crocks are from Dave Neuhardt's stoneware collection.  According to Dave, "The charming canal boat crock is not marked, but the well-known auction where I bought it  believed that, based on color and where it came from, it was from one of the dozens of stoneware potteries around Akron.  Probably 1870’s, but that is a guess. Notice how the sponge-painted shelves really set off the collection. Next to impossible to tell which shelf is a reproduction.  Photo credit:  Mary Starbuck

Whitehall Farm

Canal Society of Ohio Inc.

The Fields in the Fall

Canal Society of Ohio
Morning Mini-tour and Afternoon Business Meeting
Saturday March 24, 2018

The Golden Jersey Inn

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Clark County Museum